Readiness Committee

The Tulsa Post has maintained a Readiness Committee since its inception. As in previous years, the Post fully supports the Society's National objectives. This years objects are posted on the National Readiness Committee web site.

Project Fast Start

Project Fast start is a disaster preparedness program. The Tulsa Post of SAME maintains information should a disaster occur. Therefore, we need your help by completing and returning the attached questionnaire. The questionnaire will be used to establish a database of member firms with capabilities needed by various local, state, and federal government agencies in response to a civil or military emergency. Please print it and forward it to the Tulsa Post, SAME.

Fast Start Master Plan

Access the national database here.

When filling out the Fast Database, please use the following for reference codes.



Project Impact

Each year, natural disasters destroy our communities and affect the lives of our families, neighbors, businesses and communities. Disasters can strike at any time, and some disasters such as fires occur everyday in the U.S. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) believes it is important that communities, businesses and individuals take the necessary steps to prevent damage to life and property and to prepare before these natural disasters strike. Therefore, FEMA has created a nationwide initiative called Project Impact: Building A Disaster Resistant Community. At the heart of Project Impact is the formation of active partnerships among businesses, civic leaders and individual citizens.

Tulsa Post of the Society of American Military Engineers

The mission of the Society of American Military Engineers is to promote and facilitate engineering support for national security by developing and enhancing relationships and competencies among uniformed services, public and private sector engineers.