2017 Post Officers

Post President Readiness Committee
Michelle Lay Emelia Brooks - Chair
USACE - Tulsa District ALL Consulting
michelle.r.lay@usace.army.mil ebrooks@all-llc.com
Vice President   Charles McComas
COL Chris Hussin   ALL Consulting
USACE - Tulsa District   cmccomas@all-llc.com
    Bill Smiley
Secretary   USACE - Tulsa District
Kyle Marlay   william.e.smiley@usace.army.mil
SWK, Inc.  
kyle.marlay@skw-inc.com Communications Committee
  Heather Goodson - Chair
Treasurer Cox|McLain Environmental Consulting, Inc
Adam Smith heatherg@coxmclain.com
USACE - Tulsa District  
adam.r.smith@usace.army.mil   David Epperly - Website
    ALL Consulting
Programs Committee   depperly@all-llc.com
Miroslav Kurka - Chair  
Mead & Hunt   Anna Childers - Social Media
miro.kurka@meadhunt.com   CH2M
  Sarah Kellert  
  Contech Engineered Solutions Education and Mentoring Committee
  SKellert@ContechES.com Chris Strunk - Chair
  USACE - Tulsa District
  Anna Childers christopher.b.strunk@usace.army.mil
  anna.childers@ch2m.com   Anthony Ruby
    USACE - Tulsa District
  Scott Foster   Anthony.J.Ruby@usace.army.mil
  scott.foster@benham.com Awards and Streamers
  Kathy Smith
  Wade Anderson Cyntergy AEC
  USACE - Tulsa District ksmith@cyntergyaec.com
  Professional Growth
Scholarship Chair Jennifer Halstead
David Epperly
HNTB Companies
ALL Consulting Jhalstead@HNTB.com
  Fellows Committee
Membership Robert Day
Gene Snyman Cyntergy AEC
USACE - Tulsa District rday@cyntergyaec.com
  John Blickensderfer
Young Members Guy Engineering
Amanda John john-b@guyengr.com
amanda.john@benham.com Earl Groves
  USACE - Tulsa District
Small Business Liason earl.groves@usace.army.mil
Loretta Turner  
USACE - Tulsa District Additional Support
Loretta.J.Turner@usace.army.mil Heather Tittjung
Magellan Midstream Partners 
Past President htittjung@cox.net
Lars Ostervold  
CH2M Cindy Gran
Lars.Ostervold@CH2M.com Garver


Tulsa Post of the Society of American Military Engineers

The mission of the Society of American Military Engineers is to promote and facilitate engineering support for national security by developing and enhancing relationships and competencies among uniformed services, public and private sector engineers.