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Daniel Wittie went to the SAME US Army STEM Camp in Vicksburg, MS. Below are some photos from his Camp



Samantha Burns went to the SAME US Navy STEM Camp in Jacksonville, FL. Below is her summary and some photos from her Camp

 During my time at camp I learned real world applications of engineering principles while having fun. While building our popsicle stick bridge, I learned about trusses and why they are important to bridge structures. While building the doghouse, I learned how imperative good leadership is when plans start to fall apart and a time limit weighs on you. I really enjoyed all of our construction projects but the dog house was my favorite because of its real world application. Knowing a dog would be using my work made it much more important that we make a working product. Throughout the entire week, my mentors and midshipman were very helpful and offered great advice either about our projects or about my college plans. The people I met at this camp were very kind and intelligent. I loved getting to meet people from all over the country and hear different perspectives. I would definitely recommend this camp to my friends and anyone interested in hands on applications of engineering that you just can’t get in school.







Austin Bitting went to the SAME US Air Force Academy Camp.  Below are some photos from his Camp